About Our Products

Our Range

With our respective and accumulative expertise/knowledge and by powers of which we know not, Anita and I in our kitchen have produced – and we have plenty – new, innovative and fantastic recipes for crackers, dips, dressings, oils and sauces. We also make vegan and vegetarian friendly options too.

Bosun’s Unique Selling Points.

Starting with the Bosun’s range of oils, they are superior in quality and this is because we begin by blending Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Cold Pressed  Rapeseed Oil which is then infused in a marinading process with over 20 herbs, spices, citrus fruits and vegetables for a minimum period of 2 weeks. 

The Initial Blend

The initially infused oil is then carefully extracted to undergo a second marinading process with a further combination of 20 different herbs, spices, citrus fruits and vegetables for another 2 weeks…only then do we bottle the oil, infuse with other ingredients, create recipes etc.

Bosun’s Twice Infused Oils

This “Double Infusion” gives the Bosun’s range of oils their extremely powerful fragrance and their distinctively rich and superior taste. These oils are used to enrich our crackers, season our dressings, and infuse our fruit flavoured oils and sauces with bouquets of excellently balanced savour.

Bring It To The Table

Although we are keen for our products to be acknowledged throughout the retail sector, we are just as enthusiastic for them to be used and recognised by discerning chefs, hence our catering price offers where we currently have: 15 double infused oils flavoured with: honey; soy; balsamic & fruit vinegar flavours: 14 dips & sauces, 5 of these recipes are vegan & the rest are vegetarian friendly and 12 different flavoured crackers.

Special Occasions & Gifts

We offer hampers with products of your choice for any occasion and the most delicate of wedding favours that can be personalised or tailored for any dietary specification and any preference of taste.