About Us

Desire & Inspiration

Food has always been a very important part of my life and culture, so it’s no wonder that from the age of 7 and under the careful supervision of the knowledgeable and wise matriarchs in my family, those same principles in preparation, inventiveness and resourcefulness in and around the kitchen are at the forefront of what we do at Bosun’s today.

Furthermore, my Great-Grandfather – who was blessed with a fantastic climate – grew a magnificent range of fruits and vegetables and also kept animals on the family’s 11 acre farm in Citron Valley, (JA) West Indies…he also had the first copper vat distillation system in that region for the production of molasses from the sugar cane he grew and he also produced molasses for the other growers of sugar cane in the area.

With the combination of these factors I’ve grown to understand that, though the conception of innovative food is often by accident….understanding the role of ingredients and how to unite them will forever be essential, not to mention a craft and gift that is customarily passed from one generation to another.

The Notion

Along with my closest critic, confidante and partner Anita, who has something that can only be described as a unique “culinary imagination” and which somehow translates itself into the most extraordinary gift of being able to marry together otherwise unheard of combinations…we have endeavoured to succeed in the creation of the Bosun’s Range of Food Products, for the enhancement of almost everything to do with the fortification of food, including: food accompaniments; food enrichments; food preparations…Furthermore, Bosun’s Exceptional Food Products offer unique flavours in oils and we believe that our Artisan range of organic dips (all of which are either vegetarian or vegan friendly) are exceptional and equally exotic, using only natural ingredients of the highest quality…