Bosun’s Good Taste

Breakfast at Bosun's


In these difficult & exceptional times we have made it possible for you to experience cooking for yourself a sensational breakfast to remember.

We will deliver your purchased order (free of charge within a 15 mile radius) which is a selection of Bosun’s Products and locally sourced ingredients so you can recreate one of our Gourmet Breakfasts.

We are extremely proud to present…Breakfast at Bosun’s…and you’ll be glad to hear we are now taking orders for the launch on Friday 8th May 2020 

This Gourmet Breakfast…(Includes: £18.50 of Bosun’s Exceptional Food Products & Easily Serves 4 – Plus Claim Your £5 Coupon!)…is £35 and consists of:  Fresh Fruit (organic selection) 4 Large Eggs (Free Range) Vine Tomatoes (generous sprig) 4 Large Stuffed Mushrooms (seasoned blend of dairy & mascarpone) 1 Very Large Serving of Bosun’s Root Mash (premium potatoes, seasoned blend of dairy, red onions, shallots & seasonally selected vegetables) 1 x 8oz Jar of Bosun’s Premium Gourmet Beans  (Kidney & Butter beans poached in an exceptionally rich, lightly spiced sauce made from reduced sun-dried tomatoes, smoked garlic and caramelised shallots) 1 x 4oz Jar of Bosun’s Dairy Dip (a seasoned blend of dairy & mascarpone) 1 x 100ml Bosun’s Twice Infused Oil (a careful blend of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil & Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil marinaded in over 20 herbs, spices, seasonal fruits & vegetables).